Biotowers System

Making a suitable solution to prevent the dreadful impact of wastewater on environment is a must. Keeping that in mind, we manufacture and supply water treatment plants in Pune, India for municipal and industrial purposes. At Yash Enviro Tech India Pvt Ltd, we with in-depth knowledge work with the industry to ascertain the water treatment option which is best suited for application.

We understand the budgetary and schedule demands of private as well as public sectors. We work together with our respective clients so that they can get the best engineering value from us to cater to their requirements in an expedite manner. Our technical experts apply different logistics and technologies to meet the industry demands.

One of our best moves is the integration of Biotowers system, which is used to eliminate completely the release of offensive odors from the bio-tower. This effort made by us has proved to be unique and highly reliable. It has also proved its worth by analyzing milk fats and solid effectively.

In general, the effluent after getting treated primarily is in most cases subjected to secondary treatment. Our move to incorporate biotower system is to end soluble Organic Pollutants by oxidation & settling. This is we achieve by brining the active microbes in contact with waste water. These microbes after being connected with wastewater consume the impurities as food.

Advantages of Bio-towers System

  • It’s consumes less power as blower does not require aeration
  • It’s space saving
  • It is takes less quantity of sludge generation
  • It requires no sludge recycling
  • Bio-sludge can be easily used as manure
  • It is applicable and best suitable for big capacity plants