MBR System

With every morning introduces us to a new technology, MBR system is one of them. It is a superior effluent quality and lower lifecycle cost when compared with traditional activated sludge treatment.

MBR system – Membrane Bioreactor systems – is an innovative technology, offering extensive operational and economic benefits to users than the cost of conventional wastewater treatment plants. With incorporation of our expert membrane technology, the MBR system helps you end the need for secondary clarifiers and tertiary treatment. It enables you to have better performance with a reduced footprint.

Be it a complete blend of membrane filtration and biological wastewater treatment, MBR technology has become a seamless option for several industrial and municipal applications. It needs low power backup because of its low pressure submerged membrane.

MBR System – Domestic Wastewater

When our MBR system is used with domestic wastewater, it comprehensively fabricates effluent of high quality, which is enough for surface or brackish waterways. You can use the effluent for urban irrigation.

The MBR process can more easily be operated at higher mixed liquor suspended solids concentrations than traditional settlement separation systems. It, thus, reduces the reactor volume to achieve the same loading rate.

There are two MBR configurations: internal/submerged and external/sidestream. The internal/submerged is where the membrane is immersed in and integral to the biological reactor. While the external/sidestream pumping step.

Below are some key benefits associated with MBR System, designed by Yash Environment Technologies:

  • It can be without or without vacuum creation
  • There is no need of dilution water
  • There is no need of disinfection
  • There is no need of dechlorination
  • Reduces operation costs
  • A handy and easy water treatment process
  • Easy to operate
  • There is no continuous chemical consumption

Yash Enviro Tech India Pvt Ltd delivers your advanced MBR solutions for your needs.